Minamata in Antigua and Barbuda

Among the severe health impacts of mercury are damage to the central nervous system, thyroid, kidneys, lungs, immune system, eyes, gums, and skin. Victims may suffer memory loss or language impairment, and the damage to the brain cannot be reversed. 

It is found in some of the foods we eat, especially fish, in devices in our homes, such as fluorescent light bulbs, thermometers, electrical switches, and batteries, and in some skin-lightening creams and other cosmetics that we use. 

Antigua and Barbuda, and several other Caribbean nations, have joined over 100 other countries in signing the MINAMATA CONVENTION ON MERCURY and pledging to take measures to reduce and phase-out mercury-added products. 

In Antigua and Barbuda, the phasing out of mercury to safeguard human health and our environment will focus on three areas: 

  1. Advocating for the consumption of the invasive lionfish to assist in reducing consumption of larger fish species that are more likely to be mercurycontaminated, while at the same time, conserving smaller fish species that are under threat  
  2. ELIMINATING the use of SKIN-LIGHTENING creams and cosmetic products that contain mercury and advocating the use of safer products.
  3. SAFE DISPOSAL of mercury added products such as fluorescent bulbs, mercury electrical switches, mercury thermometers, mercury batteries, older blood pressure devices, and amalgam dental fillingreplacing them with SAFER ALTERNATIVES. 

Mercury is a Toxic Element!

Mercury in your Diet

Mercury eventually enters the aquatic food chain and gets into larger species of fish that we consume.

Mercury and Skin Products

Many skin-lightening creams and other cosmetics contain the toxic element, Mercury, also known as quicksilver.

The Mercury Cycle

Mercury is a toxic element that is harmful to health and the environment.

Minamata Convention

The Minamata Convention on Mercury is the first new global Convention on environment and health adopted for close to a decade.

Mercury in your Home

See how easily Mercury can affect your home.

Mercury and Devices

Many medical and household devices contain the toxic element, Mercury.

Mercury in Products

Mercury is a toxic element that is harmful to health and the environment.

Mercury and your Health

This toxic element is can be harmful to your heath in many ways.

Let's go Mercury Free!

Consider this alarming revelation:  Mercury is now known to be particularly dangerous to fetuses, infants, and young children. Before Minamata, the placenta was thought to protect the fetus against toxicants. 

More than anything, this severe threat to the health and well-being of the youngest of our current generation, and the unborn generation, should motivate societal forces in Antigua and Barbuda to fervently commit to a MERCURY-FREE SOCIETY. 



  • Let us reduce the consumption of mercurycontaminated fish while conserving smaller species.
  • Let us properly and safely dispose of mercury devices, reduce contamination in our homes, landfills, and oceans, and use safer mercury-free products. 
  • Let us reduce the use of mercuryfilled skin-lightening creams and cosmetics and replace them with safer, mercuryfree, and more natural beauty products. 
  • Let us create a MERCURY-FREE SOCIETY! 


Our team is comprised of a wide range of NGO's and CSO's

MEPA Trust

Marine Ecosystem Protected Area Trust


Christian Union Church


Zero Waste Antigua Barbuda


Global Environment Facility


Integrated Health Outreach


United Nation Environment Programme

Basel Convention

The Basel Convention

Act Now! Play your part in securing a mercury-free Antigua and Barbuda!

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