Mercury in your Home

Mercury is a toxic element that can cause severe harm to health and the environment. 

Mercury-added devices are prevalent in our homes.  These include fluorescent light bulbs, mercury thermometers, mercury made electrical switches, mercury batteries, older blood pressure kits, and even amalgam dental implants. 

While these are safe when in use, they are dangerous when broken or improperly disposed of. 

Proper and safe disposal of  mercury-added devices is critical to our well-being and to protecting the environment. 

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (Solid Waste) will distribute purpose-built disposal bins throughout the country for homeowners to safely dispose of their mercury-added devices.  The location of these bins will be disclosed by Solid Waste in the near future. 

Please use the Solid Waste designated bins to dispose of your household items that contain mercury. 

Remember… begin to now use safer alternatives like LED light bulbs, alcohol-based thermometers, non-mercury batteries and electrical switches, and composite dental fillings